About the STR

Social Trading is the quiet revolution of the trading industry. It gives traders access to the trades and history of other traders and the technology to just set their account to copy their trades going forward.

As with any form of trading there are risks and pitfalls but the Social Trading Review aims to look at individual Top Traders from an analytical and experienced approach while also discussing the finer attributes of how to spot the good traders from the bad.

We publish daily articles on individual Top Traders that are worth looking at, how to copy trade and avoid the common mistakes and what’s new.

The idea behind Social Trading is easy enough – find a few Top Traders to follow, apply them to your account and wait for the money to roll in. Right? Well, like a lot of things in the world of trading, what scan seems easy and straightforward on the face of it is seldom the case once we start doing it for real.

The newsletter is designed to help your social trading in a few ways. One of these is minimising the time it takes to find and build your own “team” of Top Traders”. Every week we take a look at one of the best performing traders available for you to follow – and drill down through the results to find if it merits further investigation.

A profitable track record is always a positive of course when it comes to financial trading – and is something that most people won’t manage to achieve. We look at just how those profits were achieved,

  • For example, is the level of day to day volatility going to be too much for most people to stomach?
  • Was the success mainly due to a flash in the pan – a freak trade – that is masking an otherwise mediocre performance?
  • And historical performance is all well and good – but using our years of experience built up in the trading business, we assess the probability of the trader continuing to produce consistent profits into the future.

But it’s not all just about Top Traders. The Social Trading Newsletter will also highlight traders whose fortunes could well be on the turn – offering an opportunity to get in at the start of a profitable run. The profit and loss account of even experienced traders will ebb and flow – just because someone has gone temporarily “off the boil” doesn’t mean their winning days are over. The newsletter will regularly highlight traders who are coming out of a weak patch, and may be about to continue on their winning ways.

Finding and following traders is only part of the story. We also explain all about how to manage risk as a trade follower. It can be a bit disconcerting at the beginning to see trades going through on your account that you haven’t placed – but there are plenty of risk management tools that can be used to make social trading as painless as possible- and a lot lower maintenance than traditional financial trading.

That’s just a taste of what the Social Trading Newsletter is all about. There’s nothing to pay, and we won’t spam you with a bunch of irrelevant information. Sign up now to start receiving the next issue as soon as it’s published.

We’ve also used our experience of over 20 years each at the heart of the spread betting and CFD industry to put together a guide to getting started in Social Trading which is sent you for free when you sign up to the newsletter.